Book Polishers offers everything you need to take your writing from draft to publication. From editing and proofreading to ebook production and typesetting for print, our services provide you with a cost-effective way to polish your writing to a high gloss before you share it with its final audience, be that be a literary agent, acquisitions editor, your website visitors, or the readers who will buy your book.

I promise to assist you in making your writing the best it can be.

New service

I am excited to share that I now offer copywriting services, for everything from website text to advertising copy. Please see the copywriting services page for more information.


Due to my close affiliation with Grimbold Books and its imprints (Kristell Ink and Tenebris Books), I am unable to offer editing services to assist manuscripts that have been or are intended to be submitted to these imprints. By taking on my editing services, you acknowledge and agree that your manuscript is not eligible to submit to Grimbold Books or its imprints.

Feedback from our clients

  • Zoë was recommended to me, and I was absolutely delighted with the end result of my book, 'Poetry from the Heart: Words to Make Your Soul Sing'.  So much so, that when my historical romance is finished (final stages of editing), I shall be contacting Book Polishers again.

    Every query I had was answered quickly and clearly and as the poetry book was my first to be published I was very grateful for all the help I received.

    Louise Jones, Author of "Poetry from the Heart"

  • Zoë, at Book Polishers, is always a pleasure to work with. I have enthusiastically recommended her to fellow authors and I will continue to do so into the future. Awesome service.

    Linda Kovic-Skow, Author of "French Illusions"

  • Zoë was professional, prompt and easy to work with from the moment we were in contact.  She converted my Word document for my children's story, including illustrations, into ebook format and later for print.  She went above and beyond to ensure the illustrations worked well with the text and offered advice along the way.

    Brett Border, Author of Katie and Yoshi

  • Zoë continually delivers high quality work on books and eBooks that is simply beautiful! I am very proud of all of the books that we have published for my company largely due to how clean and crisp her work is. She has been persistent with big projects and yet patient when she has needed to be and our clients are also very happy!

    Emily Gowor, Gowor International Publishing

  • Zoë is a consummate professional. She not only did a great job, but is easy to work with, quick to respond to revisions and easy to strategise with. If you are looking for book typesetting, she's the woman you should work with. I will be back for future projects!

    Kane Minkus, Industry Rockstar Pty Ltd

  • Zoe worked for me on a rather tricky project, as I was trying to convert an art book with a complex layout into an eBook of which I could be just as proud. She did a splendid job in a very short amount of time, and was especially helpful to me as she re-sized all the photos for me and did everything herself, rather than requiring me to send her things in set formats that I didn’t understand/didn’t have time to do. The finished products look great and I’m very pleased with them. She was also good value for money, and I have full confidence in her abilities to work on future projects with me. Ten out of ten, I will definitely be using her again!

    Hazel Butler, Aädenian Ink