Good copy makes the reader feel something; it compels your customers to engage with your product. Flat, boring or badly written copy can lose customers faster than you think. Spelling mistakes, errors in native nuance, or misused words can all alienate your customers and lose you business.

You need fresh, sparkling copy to attract new business and keep existing customers interested. Whether it’s your website, your product literature or an ad campaign—we can help bring your products or services to life by telling your brand story in a way that attracts and holds your audience’s attention.

We offer a competitive per-hour rate for all kinds of copywriting needs, from snappy headlines and compelling calls to action to in-depth, detailed website or brochure copy. We can work to your tone-of-voice guidelines to create copy from scratch or rewrite and liven up flat, dry copy.

We also provide book blurbs to hook your reader from the first line, and make them want to open your novel – whether it’s fantasy, romance, sci-fi, non-fiction or any other genre! Your blurb is one of the most important parts of your book, and you won’t get another chance to make a first impression – so make it count, and let us help craft those all-important lines.

Get in contact with us and let us help you with your copywriting needs today!