Proofreading is the last stage of typographic production, used to catch any errors before the copy goes to print or publication. It is used to detect and correct errors in spelling or punctuation, and catch accidentally repeated words and typos that may or may not have been created during the editing process.

When your writing goes public, it should be as close to perfect as it can get. Errors that tired eyes can no longer see when they’ve been looking at a piece of writing for a long time will be glaringly obvious to fresh eyes – your readers’ eyes. And every error detracts from the content and makes the author look unprofessional.

No matter what kind of writing you are producing, your readers need it to be clean and free of errors in order to enjoy and absorb the content without distraction. Additionally, if you are planning to translate your writing into different languages, it is essential that the original text is flawless so there is no room for errors in translation.

Book Polishers can be your fresh set of eyes.

Per 1000 words:   USD $14  /  GBP £10  /  EUR €11

Minimum charge is for 5000 words.

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