Ebook conversion

Help! How do I turn my manuscript into an ebook?

Want to self-publish in ebook format, but have no idea how to get your book from Word to Kindle? We can help!

Book Polishers can take your manuscript, and turn it into an ebook ready for publication on Amazon and other leading platforms. We’ll make sure that the behind-the-scenes work is done, so that all you need to focus on is uploading and selling.

We offer competitive rates, fast turnaround and, most importantly, high quality ebook production. We can include illustrations, diagrams, tables, customized chapter headings and styles.

We also offer print typesetting if you’re thinking of publishing in print and ebook.

What you need to send

We can take your manuscript in .doc/.docx, .otf, .rtf or .txt format. If you’ve got a manuscript in another format (including epub or pdf), contact us to ask!

What you will receive

Your manuscript in the following formats:

  • mobi  or kpf (for Amazon/Kindle); and
  • epub (for various ebook platforms)

We also recommend you consider using the Smashwords ebook distribution platform, for which you require a Word document formatted correctly for inclusion in the premium catalogue. This gives you access to the Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, the Diesel eBook Store, Kobo, the Sony Reader Store and Baker & Taylor’s Blio.com.

  • for a small extra fee, we will also include the Smashwords formatted Word document.

You can find our ebook prices here.

Please note!

The prices given are for text only. If you wish to add illustrations, tables, or other more complex elements, please give us as much detail as you can when you contact us.

We also need texts to be edited and proofread before they are sent to us. We cannot make more than a few minor changes once the manuscript has been formatted – please make sure that your document is as finished as you can.

Check out our standard pricesrequest a custom quote, or contact us for anything else we can help with!

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