If you are looking at self-publishing in print, you want your book to stand up against the titles produced by professional publishing houses. Nothing says amateur like a badly formatted end product, and sending revisions to Print On Demand providers can be costly. Even though some publishing guides will tell you that a document automatically converted from Word to PDF will do, it will not guarantee you the polished, professional-looking paper- or hardback book you can be proud to sell to your readers.

At Book Polishers, we produce your book in Adobe InDesign so that every page is individually laid out to look its best. Special fonts, chapter headings, illustrations, tables or other special visual effects are all included in the price.

Whether you are using Lightning Source, Lulu, or another POD provider, we will produce a document according to the specifications set out by the printer, so all you have to worry about is uploading your file.

Please note that you will be provided with a PDF (unless otherwise requested) as your final publication file, you will not be given the creation files (InDesign files). If you wish to buy a copy of the original creation files, a separate fee will need to be negotiated. It is also possible to negotiate for future updates to the files at a reduced fee.

Minimum fee is for 25,000 words (or 100 pages).

Please note

Prices given are for basic text manuscripts only. If you wish to add illustrations, tables, or other more complex elements, please fill out our custom quote form and give as much detail about your project as possible

Custom quote
Please note
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