General editing, unlike copy- or line-editing, deals with the overall structure of the writing, consistency of ideas and themes, plot and character arc, suitability to the intended audience, and other broad issues. Essentially, it is looking at the ‘big picture’.

Many fiction writers use beta readers, writers’ groups, friends and family to help with these issues – and all of these are useful. However, sometimes even when problems have been identified, the writer is at a loss how to fix them. That’s where we can help: Book Polishers will read your manuscript and provide you with practical advice on how to clean up those plot holes and inconsistencies that might trip up your readers, potential agents or publishers.

For non-fiction, business and academic writing, we can assess structure, flow and logic, and identify areas that need improvement, and give you the advice you need to achieve a polished end-product.

Structural and content editing is a subjective and individual process, and as such we do not offer a flat fee or per word fee structure, but instead will assess your work and provide you with a quote. Your customized quote will include the cost of an assessment report and a separate quote for performing copy/line editing within the process so you can choose which will be the most beneficial for your project.

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